Launch TYPP & AdMa TYPP

Launch | Ward Heirwegh, Mrs. Kovich, Danial Shah, Marnie Slater, Tijana Petrovic, Joud Toamah | 2023-10-21 | 19:00 - 21:00 | In the bar @ Kunsthal Extra City, Ploegstraat 25
Launch TYPP & AdMa TYPP

Cover image from the new TYPP, by Ward Heirwegh, its designer.

Line up of the night

The newest editions of TYPP #9 and ADMA TYPP #3 will be launched.

Welcome: Petra Van Brabandt & Marnie Slater

  • Mirrors, fantasies and realities in photo studios. A lecture by Danial Shah. More see here.

  • Signed, sealed, delivered. Performative intervention by Mrs. Kovich. (Image below) During the launch, guests will be able to get their fresh AdMa TYPP copy signed, sealed and delivered with limited edition stamps created by contributor Mrs. Kovich especially for the occasion. The booth will operate on and off according to the mood of its operator and the bureaucratic guidance from above.

  • I don’t know where is the best place to be born again. Performance Tijana Petrovic. (Image below)

    They can’t say anything

    And they don’t

    We can say anything

    But we won’t

    Instead of saying, she looked at me with caring determination

    She licked her thumb and pressed it on my cheek wiping the stain I didn’t even notice was there

    I thought it was icky, but felt like home

During this evening you can also visit the installation Sandscapes by Irma Földényi, Saskia Van der Gucht, Eline De Clercq, Virág Szálas-Motesiczky at the refter of Morpho, between 19:00 - 21:00. For more see here.

More on TYPP

TYPP is the SLARG artistic research publication. It brings together artistic research practices, without any hierarchy or predefined format. It seeks to offer a forum for the field of artistic research, which is averse to categories and continuously reinvents and reorients itself.

TYPP #9 harbours contributions by researchers Marnie Slater, Frederik De Bleser, Helen Dowling, Ine Vanoeveren, Annelys de Vet, Lieven Menschaert, Danial Shah and Paul Hendrikse.

TYPP #9 is designed by Ward Heirwegh.


From within the Advanced Master Share Research module, each year a new group of students produce their own ADMA TYPP, to open up conversation as a mode of research and practice. ADMA TYPP #3 Your Travel Companion is designed by Joud Toamah.