Circuits & Nerves

Performance | Mona Hedayati (PhD) | 2022-10-15 | 19:00 - 19:30 | Kunsthal Extra City
Circuits & Nerves

This performance is free and open to all but please register here.


Listen…to the subject of listening

Listen…to the subject who is at the center of listening, who is subject to listening

Listen…to different things or to same things differently

Listen to this score differently; don’t listen up, listen across the linear time: open up the past to the future every time you listen to the rhythm of the vowels and the consonants

Listen with your whole body and let the distortions sink in and rewind

Can you sense the circuits and nerves intersect?


Mona Hedayati is an artist and a PhD researcher between St. Lucas Antwerpen (ARIA) and Concordia University, Canada with a background in issue-based, technologically mediated art.

Image: Me wearing a wearable device around my wrist. © Mona Hedayati