When bronzes melt into gab

Workshop | Simona Da Pozzo | 2022-10-14 | 10:00 - 13:00 | Room 3.09, Campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen
When bronzes melt into gab

Open to all (maximum 12 participants). Please register by sending an email at >

This workshop interrogates the possibility of training monuments to be relational objects and allies for alternative futures. The relationship the present has with monuments will be the starting point. Using online maps and images, we'll work with concepts of monument-hack, monument-specific, and resonance to explore possible performative uses of the monuments proposed by the participants.

Simona Da Pozzo (b. Caracas), visual artist based in Naples, works in/on the public space via connective actions.

Image: Screenshot of Hacking Monuments blog. © Simona Da Pozzo