Stone witnessing – resonances in the swirls

Performance | Aio Frei | 2022-10-15 | 20:00 - 21:00 | Kunsthal Extra City
Stone witnessing – resonances in the swirls

This performance is free and open to all but please register here.

"The shake that passes will echo. The wave that recedes will come back. The mountain that rumbles will roar." ― N.K. Jemisin, The Fifth Season

"In order to withstand the weather we have to become stone." ― Audre Lorde via Sara Ahmed

A listening session about deep time and stone temporality, listening positionality, solidified queerness transforming on broken earth, stone butches, pillow rocks and rocky transitions, inhuman geography and racialized geology, animate inanimacy, colliding tectonic plates, crumbling plateaus and non-extractivist frequencies of relationality.

With thoughts and uttered voices by Kathryn Yusoff, Sara Ahmed, N.K. Jemisin, Dylan Robinson, Audre Lorde, Trinh T. Minh Ha, Mel Y. Chen, Nona Inescu, Sara Maitland, Tracy September, Sally Schonfeldt, Izidora l LETHE, Lava from La Graciosa, Slate Stones from Safiental, et al.

Aio Frei is a non-binary sound artist, relational listener, sonic community organizer, collaborator, sonic researcher, record store co-operator, graphic designer, experimental DJ and fungi enthusiast based in Zürich, Switzerland. They organize concerts, experimental audio formats and collaborate on listening performances and collective listening settings.

Aio works as a freelance graphic designer focusing on sound-related projects, small editions and art books and gives weekly risograph workshops. They are the co-founder of OOR Records/OOR Saloon (one’s own room) in Zürich.