Research presentation | Wesley Meuris | 2022-10-13 | 10:00 - 11.00 | Showroom, Campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen

This presentation is open to all.

This research intends to unfold the phenomenon of ‘exhibiting’, in and beyond the sphere of the arts. Within the area of natural history, anthropology, technology and even speculative sciences remarkable forms of presentation have been developed to convey insights on knowledge. A historical context will be set to reflect on theoretical and artistic positions in the field of display.

For this presentation, elements of an image archive will be part of a hypothetical constellation. An exhibition device implements two seemingly unrelated research domains and initiates a search for their interrelationships and the influence they have on each other.

Wesley Meuris is a visual artist. At Sint Lucas Antwerp, he is a post-doctoral researcher, an Advanced Master tutor, and the programme coordinator for the Master in an Autonomous Context.

Image: Details sculpture ‘probe V’, 2021, exhibition Probes, KRIEG