Opening SLARG Research Exhibition

Exhibition opening | SLARG researchers | 2022-10-13 | 19:00 - 21:45 | Showroom, Campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen
Opening SLARG Research Exhibition

Join us for the opening of SLARG exhibition! SLARG researchers and friends will share traces, leftovers and experiments of their artistic research with you.

With contributions by Simona Da Pozzo, Annelys de Vet, Helen Dowling, Irma Földényi & Saskia Van der Gucht, Loraine Furter, Wesley Meuris, Danial Shah, Marnie Slater, Robin Vanbesien, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello, Viet-Vu Pham, and Digital Master students attending Frederik De Bleser & Lieven Menschaert's workshop.

Reception at 19:00

TYPP & Advanced Master TYPP Launch at 20:00