Upcycling workshop: Ecopoetry in practice

Workshop | Pierre-Antoine Vettorello (PhD) | 2022-10-12 | 13:00 - 15:00 | Room 3.09, Campus Sint Lucas Antwerpen
Upcycling workshop: Ecopoetry in practice

This workshop is open to all (max. 10 participants). Workshop** Fully booked.**

You are invited to take part in this 2-hour workshop with Belgian designer Jordy Arthur Vaesen. He/Him/She/They will show us how to repair, recycle, and uplift our worn-out and unloved clothing. We will collectively learn about Jordy's practice and explore ideas to share his knowledge through social media in order to deliver a "romantic" lecture on clothing that crosses genders. We will explore his principles for dismantling, recycling, upcycling, and queering clothing. He/Him/She/They will guide us to investigate numerous techniques for repairing and employing objects in our environment so that we can cherish and respect discarded clothing.

Free of charge. Bring one item of clothing/curtain/blanket you wish to upcycle.

Jordy Arthur is a fashion designer and content creator based in Limburg, Belgium who makes ever-developing designs and is working on sharing his knowledge with everyone who wants to.

Image: courtesy of Jordy Arthur Vaesen